WOT – Website reputation

Previously I discussed the McAfee SiteAdvisor plugin. Another similar project is WOT.

The differences with it are as follows:

  1. Instead of a centralized service, WOT is democratic. As such, the result is based on the feedback of any user that takes the time to rate a given website.
  2. WOT is available for Firefox and MSIE.

Since this coexists well within the browser, there’s no reason you can’t use both!


Happy surfing!

Business Jargon – aka Office speak for the cubicle constrained!

I saw this article today and realized just how much of this language has become my own…. I really need to just “get a life” 🙂


For more, see the following:

Like acronyms…. see these:

Personally, i’m into Demotivators….

Now get back to your cubicle and code, you hippie!

McAfee SiteAdvisor

This is a great free plugin for Firefox and MSIE. After installation of the plugin, web links particularly in search engines like Google will contain an image/icon displaying a level of trust as well as some basic information about the website.

As a website owner, it is recommended that you add your site. To do so, you must first prove that you can publish content on the website. This is accomplished by submitting a form, after which you are given a filename (typically the domain with a ‘randomized’ hashcode) to create on your website.

NOTE: when doing this you must also insure that your website generates proper “404 Not Found” HTTP errors for non-existent files, as the verification process also tests that scenario.

Once listed, McAfee will scan your website for vulnerable downloads, reviews, related (linked) websites, as well as track outbound email (possible SPAM) generating from your domain.


Here’s to a safer online experience.