Resume and skills

I’d be doing myself a great dis-service if I didn’t take the opportunity to share my resume with readers of this blog. You’ve obviously found me because you have a similar interest to those of my own, perhaps you have need of part or full time knowledgeable employees with similar skills to my own.

I’m currently employed full-time and will not consider relocation or accept contract work, but would consider small side jobs in some situations.

Please see my online resume at:

Additionally, I generally have my information available on most job boards such as:

NOTE: Resume available in other formats (such as Word) by request.

Good Day!

Old versions of software

There eventually comes a time when you’re not satisfied with the “latest” version of some software, often this is due to increased resources required to run on older machines. Sometimes it can be due to ‘free’ software becoming nag-ware or no longer free.

Here are a few websites that I have found useful when looking for such older software.

Obvious Warning – older software may have security concerns and known bugs… as such, be careful when using them!