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When I first started subscribing to Podcasts, I used a variety of client software. Notable was iPodder “Lemon” (now known as Juice). Soon after that I found Democracy Player (now Miro), a client that natively supported video in addition to the common audio (MP3) standard. Both clients are free and available on many common platforms.

In the video space, I’m a regular watcher of:

2 thoughts on “Video Blogs (Vlog?)”

  1. Being in Hong Kong, I’m starved for content. The television here is not good. So between waiting hours for Lost and The Daily Show to download through BitTorrent, I did start watching Rocketboom regularly starting with Congdon and then Colan. It basically isn’t doing it for me anymore. I can usually tell in the first 5 seconds if it is worth watching now. And more often than not, I’m just not into it anymore. I still like DiggNation (though I’m probably too old for it) but I don’t think that is your scene.

    I’ll check out Geek Brief TV and let you know. Thanks for the tip.

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