Citizens Band (CB) Radio

Before there were cellphones or a (public) Internet for chatting, there was CB Radio. I spent a lot of time on these things in my teens and early twenties.
I grew up with my father having a CB in his car for some of our long road-trips, mostly between Maryland and Wisconsin. Back then (apx. 1975) you needed a license for the radio itself (an old Sears model), i think his was KBKI-7971.

When I was in high-school in Adak Alaska, and there not being much to do, the CB became a way for us kids to figure out where the parties were… usually out in the tundra in abandoned WW2 cabins.

Returning to the lower-48… in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, I occasionally hung out with a few of the locals but never became a pivotal part of their clique. I joined the Navy in 1989 and was sent to Groton CT for submarine school that fall.

The following winter/spring, I quickly became associated with the group in Groton/New London named Midnite Modulation, and spent nearly all of my non-work time with this crew.

I left CT in December of 1990, and spent the next 4 years in Hawaii…. there was not much radio activity out there to speak of.   I returned to CT several times over the years, notably Nov. 1991 (for a few weeks of school) and four short visits in 1995-96 after I was out of the Navy and in college. I passed through on my way between Boston and NYC in 2004 (i think), but unfortunately had no radio to do a ‘shout out’ for any of the old crew.

The old group has spread to the corners of the globe, but is now assembling once again online at

White Knight – out!