Senseo vs. Keurig

I mentioned Adam Curry in my earlier ‘Podcasting’ post… as such i’ll throw this into the mix.

Adam seems to prefer (and promote, thru his now infamous “burp”) his Senseo machine, personally I’ve got a Keurig B50 that provides my daily caffeine dosage, the big advantage of this machine is that there is a much wider variety of coffee and tea available.

It’s been a big hit with my guests, and there’s nothing better than your own cup o’ joe in about 10 seconds!


Just figured i’d share in the knowledge of this topic as it’s been a part of my life since about May 2005. Podcasting is essentially an MP3 (audio) blog, some have developed to the point of having adds or even being broadcast over satellite radio.

I’m subscribed to several podcasts, the most popular being Adam Curry‘s Daily Source Code…. yeah, for those of you that are my age, you’ll remember this guy as an MTV JV (as a regular top-40 jock as well as on HeadBangers Ball).

I don’t anticipate ever doing one of these on my own, but would be willing to provide some content for anyone that would like my input.

Listen in and enjoy!