Adding TestNG support to Eclipse

Most Java developers are familiar with the Eclipse IDE, even if they use alternatives.

One thing that’s bothered me for some time is that while JUnit is natively supported in Eclipse, TestNG is not. Thankfully, you can easily add this functionality.

  1. Help; Eclipse MarketPlace;
  2. Find – enter: testng
  3. Click on "TestNG for Eclipse" and install by stepping through the prompts.
  4. Restart of Eclipse is required to enable the new functionality.

Java Code Coverage

In my “day job” I do lot’s of code reviews. I’m a big fan of Agile Programming and JUnits, recently I was introduced to the world of code coverage tools available (for free!) to Java developers.

IMHO, here’s the three front-runners.

Personally I prefer the Eclipse integration provided by ECLEMMA, but I agree that no one tool is ever ‘best’ for all scenarios.

Some background on this topic if you are interested in learning more:

Happy coding.