Chiropractic Care

Like most ‘nerds’, I’ve had my share of back and neck pain. As I’ve aged, I’ve also experienced some severe lower-back pains. I’ve found that main stream doctors simply prescribe medicine, typically pain killers to mask or hide the pain, but never seem to actually resolved the core problem. In an effort to live a less ‘medicated’ and pain-free life I’ve turned to chiropractic care with great success.

Let me be clear here, I was on a jury several years ago where chiropractors were essentially labeled as quacks, and their services amount to massage. I’ve even had a personal doctor (that I no longer see) that treated me like I had seen a witch-doctor when i said that I’d gone to a chiropractor after an emergency room visit for severe pain that I thought was a kidney-stone. This is clearly not the case as I’ve seen numerous almost immediate benefit after very brief visits to a chiropractor where I’ve taken medications for months with no change in a problem.

Here are a few doctors that I’ve used and recommend: