HTML dl tags

Most web developers are familiar with ordered lists <ol> and unordered lists <ul>, though many are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with <dl>. While most useful for lists of definitions, they can also be styled and used semantically for navigation and forms.



XFN (XHTML Friends Network)

A big part of Web 2.0 (over the last decade) has been a move toward the semantic internet, whereas each page is representative of data and it’s relationship… we are, in essence, “training” the internet itself.

XFN markup allows you to identify your relationships to other individuals on the links of your website or blog.

<head profile="">

HTML5: (removes the ‘profile’ attribute on <head> as such the updated convention is:
<link rel="profile" href="" />

Use in content:
<a href="" rel="me">My other site</a>