After a very long run, Adobe Flash is dead!

This was very long overdue for a variety of reasons. While Flash became almost ubiquitous on the web under Macromedia before being acquired by Adobe, it was also full of .
Apple never offered Flash on it’s mobile devices and helped to drive developers to make use of modern HTML5 to accomplish many of the same effects.
Flash “cookies” were buried deep within the application and were not easily removed by users making them very useful for tracking users.


Step Date
End of Life Announced July 25, 2017
End of support December 31, 2020
Flash blocked January 12, 2021


Browser Blocked Removed
Chrome 76 88
Firefox 69 85
Safari 14


Fix for Flash files ignoring z-index

Flash objects often interfere with your layering within your DHTML applications and appear above them in the DOM stacking order, standard CSS and HTML solutions do not have any impact. Fortunately there is a simple solution to this ‘problem’ thats been supported in all common browsers since MSIE4.

On <object>
<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

In <embed ... wmode="transparent" >