September 11th conspiracy?

Many of the events of this day have never felt quite right or even been ‘believable’ to me. The physics and timing of many of the events just seem too convenient, and have obviously been manipulated for the press-believing, conforming, masses of ‘sheep’ that are so common in this time and country. True patriots of the past fought against such oppression as exists now, but current ‘Americans’ have willingly given up so many of their rights in the face and fear of ‘terrorism’. I ask, just who are the terrorists, some Islamic extremists, or the elected goverment officials themselves?

I don’t make or take these statements lightly, I am a U.S. veteran of the first Gulf War and spent my entire life in a military family. I beleive in the jobs and lives of these people, I believe in the ‘country’. But I don’t believe the common ‘story’ that a bunch of terrorists planned the events of that day without assistance and full knowledge and support from high places in our own government.

Here’s a few sources I urge you to check…

Auto focus ‘first visible’ form field on page…

Occassionally there comes a need to set the focus within a web page to the first ‘visible’ form field, here’s the most convenient I’ve found thus far…

1. Add the following Javascript to the HEAD section of your page.

function formfocus() {
if(document.forms.length > 0)
var formElements = ["text", "checkbox", "radio", "select-one", "select-multiple", "textarea"];
var form = document.forms[document.forms.length-1];
for (var j = 0; j < form.elements.length; j++)
var field = form.elements[j];
for(var x = 0; x < formElements.length; x++)
if (field.getAttribute("type") == formElements[x])
return false;

2. Add the function call to the BODY tag…

<body onload="formfocus();">

That’s it! Enjoy!