Apache Ant for Windows

Apache Ant is frequently used as a build tool in many environments, here’s the simple installation for Windows. As I haven’t had to install this in a very long time, but find myself doing it again, I’ve captured it here for reference.

  1. Download ZIP from: http://ant.apache.org/
  2. Uncompress it, generally I place tools like this at the root of my hard drive.
  3. Open the System Control Panel
  4. Add Environmental variable, ANT_HOME = “c:\apache-ant-x.xx”
  5. Update Environmental variable for PATH, adding %ANT_HOME%\bin
  6. Save changes in Control Panel.
  7. Open a new command window (DOS prompt).
  8. Enter: ant -version
  9. If your installation is correct, you should see output containing the version you’ve just installed.

Happy Builds!