HTML5 – abbr replaces acronym

I recently found another element that is no longer supported for HTML5. The <abbr> element represents an abbreviation or acronym, the <acronym> tag was dropped in HTML5 and XHTML2.


US ABA Bank Lookup data

Banks in the United States conform to a numbering system to allow for electronic transfer of funds between different banks. As all money is physically held and transferred by the Federal Reserve Banks, they maintain the system itself.

On paper checks, this number is visible on the bottom, along with the account number and check numbers in OCR format.

A file containing a list of current banks can be downloaded from:

It is in a fixed-width positional format, with the following pattern:

Knowledge of this system is useful in validating payment information entry.

Install OpenSSH Server on Ubuntu

I’ve discussed the use of SSH in several posts in the past, but while recently building a new environment, I realized that I’ve never indicated how the service itself should be installed.


sudo apt-get install openssh-server

If you desire to change any of the default configuration such as port or cyphers…

sudo vi /etc/ssh/ssh_config

NOTE: If you intend to access the server from the Internet, you will have to verify that port forwarding is enabled on your routers and firewalls.